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Miss Brenda
Hi Angal Baby,  you may not recall the times Mr. Ted and I came to see Ded and heaven forbid try to teach her How to Shag, you would laugh at her and run in between us  we would just laugh and I promised you if you ever wanted to learn I would teach you myself. Well Baby I never got that chance down here, but maybe when we meet up there we can find time for a few lessons.  You are missed and loved so very very much.  Love You and Miss You Miss Brenda. 
John and Brenda Murray
Just thought we would share. Andrew is looking down on you all. May God be with you.
Brenda Murray
Deb: in memory of Andrew

Hey Andrew,

I've become trigger happy today...can't seem to stay away from you!  I was cleaning out some things in your closet and found a pair of baseball pants of yours. I think they were the ones that you wore for spring ball in 05.  The grass stains and dirt were still there, just as if you had just taken them off.  I guess you must have thrown them in the closet and forgot about them...maybe it was after the last game of the season.  Anyway, I can't wash them...just don't have the heart to do that right now.  In fact, I think I may put them in your curio cabinet just as is...a part of you, a part of that last game, a part of you that we'll never see again.


I love you Andrew.  Thank you for being such a good son and brother to Amy and Kaitlyn.  You'll never know how much they miss you.  I'm just more verbal and creating this tribute for you has been such an important part of my life.  If no one reads these words, other than myself, I'm satisfied that they were written.  That's all that matters to me.  All my love and kisses to Heaven....Deb

Deb: Your other Mom

Hey Handsome young man,


I've wanted to post this picture since I began this site.  Elizabeth was your last love and I knew that.  She was good for you and made you a better person in any way that she could.  She loved you and we all saw that.  She was so pitiful during your hospital stay...wore one of your shirts the entire time it seems.  I'm not sure what transpired, but she hasn't spoken to us since your funeral.  That saddens me, primarily because I would like to know that she's doing OK and to share your curio cabinet with her.  Regardless of any issues that may have occurred that I'm not aware of, you loved Elizabeth and she loved you.  I'm almost positive that this was taken on your 18th birthday, six and a half months before you left us.  Hope this doesn't offend her but I believe that you would want for me to share this picture.  Lord, how handsome you were!


Love ya lots and always,


To my only boy: Deb

Hey Andrew,

I remember looking @ this picture of you and for the first time, I saw that you were growing into a young man.  During the next few years, the braces came off, you buffed up a bit, and you were truly a handsome sole.  Fly high my baseball happy and free.



To my Andrew: Deb
Hey buddy,
I found this picture today as well.  I remember the story behind that day all too well.  I wish I had an "after shot!" I was resting on the beach while you were "collecting" treasures close by.  I looked up to see that you were running towards me, obviously quite excited.  Almost without delay, you tripped over a float beside my chair and landed on top of me.  The chair collapsed and I had all types of gook in my hair and all over my body.  (Sand and beach water, shells, a dead jelly fish, part of a half eaten sandwich that you found on the beach and God only knows what else!) Obbviously, I was pregnant at the time as well.   Someone close by came to help us get up and you were sobbing.  You wanted to share your findings with me so badly and at that point, I was WEARING THEM!  Well, we went into the ocean, cleaned off a bit, and together we went on another treasure hunt.  Wish we could do anything together now Andrew...just a smile, a hug or a kiss....a laugh or heart to heart talk...even tears...I would take anything there for you to share with me.
Missing you as always and loving every memory you created.
Deb: to my bonus boy

Hey Andrew,

I've been searching through tons of pictures and came across this one. I was pregnant with Kaitlyn and you were 4 years old in this shot. I remember that day vividly buddy.  You were absolutely wearing my pregnant soul out, both physically and emotionally.  WHY, WHY, WHY????? You always managed to ask me the strangest questions and I couldn't even "make up" a response that would satisfy you.  I remember a couple sitting on the side of the pool.  They thought you were precious.  You proceeded to tell them that I swallowed a watermelon seed and somehow it grew into a baby girl and she liked for you to put your mouth on my tummy and say "COOKIE MONSTER."  To this day, I will never know where that came from.  You were like that though...very real and spontaneous.  I miss our conversations and the way you used to always give me bear hugs.  You were always a hugger and a kisser...send some down for all that love you Andrew.  Always, always in my heart and sole and never, NEVER, will I let your memory die.


Loving you yesterday, today and for all tomorrow.....

Deb: to my special son
Hey my special young man.  I have a memory to share, something I've been concerned about for quite some time. When the letters from your heart recipient suddenly stopped coming, I became concerned.  I was inwardly afraid that he had rejected your fine, healthy, athletic heart, and once again, a family would grieve another tragic loss.  I contacted the donor services simply to seek some type of closure.  Several weeks later, this morning as a matter of fact, I learned that "He" (the recipient) is alive and doing well.  He's a HS Coach and teacher and has experienced a few "near" rejections.  I pray that he lives on to see his children grown, to hold his grand-children and to perhaps  speak one day to those who need to truly see what organ donations mean...what a beautiful difference you made in the lives of so many buddy.  As I've told a few of the recipients:  "Andrew didn't die so you could live on because he died."  You made such a adult decision to become a donor Andrew and it is so comforting to know that even though I can't hug you right now, perhaps I will feel the strong beat of your heart in someone who loves you but never knew you.  This picture was taken of you and your  big sis Amy at the beach one summer.  She enlarged this shot to an 8 x 10 and proudly displays it in her new home.
My heart, my kisses, my love and my hugs are on their way to you right now son...catch them and hold them close to your own.
I love you always buddy...........
Deb: your other Mom
Hey buddy,
I remember the day this picture was taken as if it occurred yesterday.  I thank God that I have it as a memory long gone, but Lord, was it ever a bad day.! Amy didn't want to have her picture made anyway and her attitude was evident.  Andrew, you wore a faded sweat shirt and a pair of jeans that I believe you must have found in some neighbors trash can.  No doubt, you were expecting rain!  In addition, the wait was so long that Kaitlyn was fussy, Amy got madder by the second, and you decided to run wild in Sears with your baby sister screaming in her stroller.  ("YOU"took her on a wild ride and "I" was approached by the Manager to 'PLEASE CONTROL MY CHILDREN!"  Eventually, you began hiding under racks of clothing and spinning around on your rear end on the nasty floor.  I was very close to a complete break down when the photography studio called our names.  Just when I really believed that the worst was over and one day, I would chuckle over this memory.....Amy decided to use her own saliva to create a curl on the top of Kaitlyn's head!  THE REST IS HISTORY, BUT I THANK GOD FOR EVERY MEMORY. 
I love you my prescious boy!
Deb: your other Mom
Deb: your other Mom

Hey Andrew,

Just wanted to send you a picture of your older sister Amy and her boyfriend Michael.  I wish you could have met him buddy.  He loves the beach, baseball, surfing, fishing....etc!  You would have really liked him; he's a good guy and Amy seems very happy with him.  Kisses to Heaven from us all....


Luv u always and forever........Deb

Deb: your other Mom
Hey Buddy,
Just wanted to let you know that your little sister now has her permit.  She is so excited and now all I have to say is "do you want to go .........?"  Kaitlyn is in the car before I can finish the question.  Andrew, watch over her please buddy; keep her safe and send her messages  to keep her mind where it should be.  I can't prevent her from driving because we lost you in a car accident, but I can pray that the Lord won't be ready for our girls until I have joined you.  The thought  of losing another child is not one that I can perceive and it literally makes me sick to even discuss it. 
Watch your baby sister from Heaven Andrew and keep remembering...she loves you so much.
Always a part of my heart buddy.
Deb: your other Mom

Hey buddy,

I remember taking this picture of you just days before your accident.  I often wonder what made me suddenly feel the need to take pictures of you in the pool.  It's strange Andrew; almost as if a higher power told me to take pictures of you while I still had the opportunity.  I know that sounds strange, but most mothers will agree that we simply stop taking pictures of our children as they grow older.  We still take them, but not with every spontaneous movement they make..they don't like it and it becomes too much of a Mom hassal!  I am so thankful I grabbed the camera and took those five pictures of you.  I remember standing on the deck looking down, and you were looking up, floating on the boogie board.  You had been working out at the gym and your arms sure were buff.  I wish I could stand on that same deck and take pictures of you for the rest of my life.  I know that I can't but to whomever, wherever, I THANK YOU FOR LEADING ME TO THE CAMERA THAT DAY.  A week later, we were making burial arrangements for you.  Such a painful, emotional time that was.

I love you sweet boy and I miss you with every ounce of my heart and sole.  Play ball buddy and send all of those left behind some of your sweet smiles, hugs and kisses.


Deb: your other Mom

Hey Buddy,

I found this on the internet yesterday and wanted to share it with you.  If you could have written this, my heart tells me that the words below would have come from your huge heart.  Please never feel alone, as I'm sure you don't.  You're probably the most popular guy in Heaven, as you were here on this earth.  I love you so much Andrew; I'm wearing your shirt right now...# 14!


Hugs and kisses from me every minute of every day.




Please listen to me, as I take time to write....

I see parents struggling daily.

Their pain is such a flight....

All of us who have gone on, and left the rest of you behind...

We're OK Mom, I promise.

Heaven is beautiful and God is kind.

You used to tell me that one day, God would call you home.

You told me you would make me strong, so I wouldn't feel alone.

But things just happen sometimes Mom....

That do not fit our plans.

I wasn't scared Mom, when God held out his hand.

I didn't want to leave you....I didn't have time to say good-bye...

When the angels said, "come with us," there wasn't time to question why.

I've watched over you daily Mom.  It hurts to see you cry.

I don't want you to be unhappy..just because we didn't get to say good-bye.

Tell the others what I'm telling you.

so many parents need to know....

That earth was just a lay over...we had another place to go.

I know you miss me Mom...your heart is broken in two,

But God really needed me, because my earthly life was through.

I'm always alongside you...

I smile and touch your hair.

I whisper "Mom, I love you,"

You just can't see me there.

I'm the one who gently touches you, On your shoulder when you're sad.

I'm happy now that you've finally found God again, and are no longer mad.

Tell the parents, Mom, for me...

That all of us kids are okay.  God had plans for our lives....

When he called us home that day.

I love you Mom, I always will...

And remember I'm not far away.

We're going to be together....

when God calls out your name,


Your Son




Deb: your other Mom

I miss you so much today buddy.  It's as if time passes and the pain becomes more intense.  Perhaps I was simply numb for such a long time.  Now, I hear your voice, I see your face and each time I see a black Talon on the road, my heart begins to pound and I feel anxious.  If it could be you, if there was any way to bring you back, I would do whatever it would take.  If just one more time, we could prop up the pillows on our king size bed and watch Friends and Everyone Loves Raymond.  Now it's hard for me to watch those shows.  You're not here to laugh with me and I cry over things that should be funny.  Just always know that I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life.  You were truly a keeper!


I love you my handsome young in peace.



Debi: your bonus Mom
Just needed to say I love you and miss you.  My heart feels as if it might literally break into pieces on some days.  I'm scared that something might happen to Amy or Kaitlyn and subsequently, I worry and annoy them by keeping such a close eye on where they are or what they're doing.  I wish you were here buddy.  Love you always and 4-ever.  Deb
Debi Collins

Merry Christmas in Heaven Andrew. I took Grand-Ma Altman to visit you today and I went back later...alone.  I wonder Andrew, do you see us?  Do you know that everyone of us who knew you and loved you are still in so much pain?  If you do, please send us all a sign that you are OK and that you never felt pain or fear.  Just let our hearts feel the relief that we need in order to move forward until we meet again one day.  I gave Uncle Lee, Aunt Phylliss and Granny a beautiful, framed picture of you for Christmas today.  They all spoke of how handsome you were.  I should have made copies and framed them before now, but some things take time.  I remember taking that picture of you, the one in your "token" shirt, leaning against the bar in our kitchen.  Where did the time go buddy? 


A new year begins soon without you, taking the last time we all saw you further and further away.  That's distrubing in so many ways, yet the reality of it all tells me that you're still here.  You're here in songs that we hear, in a breeze that touches our faces, in the sudden memories of days gone by...we just can't touch you or feel your arms around us with those big bear hugs.


Amy and Kaitlyn had a great Christmas.  They missed you as did your Dad and I.  People tell me that this will pass....will it Andrew?  I am so cautious of the girls now.  I just can't imagine something happening to either of them.


Well buddy, rest in peace, sleep tight and send us kisses.  We will always love you Andrew.............Deb, Dad, Amy and Katie

Debi Collins
Andrew loved Christmas, as do I!  If he could find his gifts, he did so and never bothered to pretend that he didn't know where they were.  Yes, he was a proud little spy! It's so difficult to comprehend the fact that he has been gone now for 16 months!  This will be our second Christmas without him, yet I can vividly remember his face as if he just walked into an adjacent room.  Gone, but not forgotton....his memory will never die.  Decorating his gravesite was difficult; I cried for our loss, for the loss experienced by all of his family and friends, and for the things that he will never have an opportunity to experience.  I cried at the sight of his little stocking and the ornament I ordered for him last year. (In loving memory of Andrew Gene Collins: I'm spending Christmas with Jesus this year.") And then, I realized how selfish I was being, that Andrew wouldn't want any of us to cry anymore.  Watching others cry bothered him and I know that he watches all of us everyday. With that, a beautiful butterfly landed on the candy cane that I had just placed in the ground beside his stone.  I felt his presence then and I know that he is OK and happy and safe, but above all, he is whole again.  How can we bargain with that? 
I miss you Andrew, I love you and I think of you everyday.  Merry Christmas in Heaven buddy.
Deb:  to my bonus boy

Hey Andrew, 

Your baby sister celebrated her 15th birthday today.  We went to your favorite place; Texas Road House.  I saw your face everywhere I looked; I remembered birthdays and holidays and just some week-ends when we wanted something good to eat.  You loved that place Andrew.  I wish you could have seen Kaitlyn when the staff came out clapping and singing "Happy Birthday!"  You know your sister Katie; that could have gone either way, but she took it well I suppose.


I look at the girls and I see how much they've lost in not having you around.  I also know how much you loved them and protected both of them from your heart.  I try not to think of the fact that you won't be there for their weddings or for the birth of your neices and/or nephews.  It still seems unreal that you're not coming back Andrew.  I can hear your voice, I can see your face, and I can imagine how things might have changed, had you lived.  It wasn't meant to be and I know that now, but I still feel so sad when I think of days gone by.  Kaitlyn's boyfriend plays varsity football and baseball.  We can't wait for the baseball season to begin, but sitting there at Pine Forest is going to remind me so much of you.  He (her boyfriend) reminds me of you. (Imagine that!)


Andrew, if you were here, I know you would wish Katie a Happy Birthday, lecture her about boys and give her one of your big, strong bear hugs.  Send one down for her buddy.  A big brother is a bad thing to miss out on!


I love you Andrew.  Never, ever will I forget you, nor will I let your memories die.

You will always be my bonus boy. Here's a picture of the "baby sister" 15!




Debi Collins

I have a new memory to share, one that leaves me feeling so much pride, yet still somewhat devastated.  We recently received a letter from another one of Andrew's organ recipients.  A twelve year old boy who had been critically and chronically ill since birth with a kidney abnormality, received one of Andrew's kidneys on July 17th, 2005.  He is now growing, eating his parents out of house and home (while keeping the food down..something new to him), he's able to spend the night away from home now, has taken tennis lessons and no longer needs growth hormones.  He truly has a new life and will now have an opportunity to grow into a healthy young man. Andrew would be so proud and in many ways, our son lives on.  God Blee You All........Deb 

Debi Collins

Hey buddy, it's me; your "bonus Mom."  It remains so difficult for me to face the reality of your absence.  It's been 13 months now, yet in my heart, I still wait for you to prop up in bed with me and watch "Everybody loves Raymond"  and "Friends."  You told me often that so many of your own friends thought that you looked like Ross on  "Friends."  Now, when I watch the show, I see it; I really do!  Perhaps it's just a part of me that needs to see you alive again, but you did resemble him Andrew.  (You might have been just a TAD more handsome!)  I know, spoken like a true Mom!

I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to share in your life for 15 years.  You were always into something and never, ever afraid of challenge.  We laughed about you believing that I had "eyes in the back of my head" so often.  The day that you crept slowly into our bedroom and began gently searching through the back of my hair was one that will always remain in my memory as a Kodak moment.  And then there was your proud announcement that you had received "The most Pathetic" award at school.  I was livid until it occurred to me that you most probably confused the word, pathetic, with athletic.  (which I later learned to be the case.)

Watching you grow into a young man was quite different from wathcing your sisters grow up.  They loved you so much Andrew, as they do today.  You had become so protective of Kaitlyn; she's really missing out in not having her big brother here to watch over her.  You're still watching; she just doesn't know it.

I love you Andrew and my heart will always have a special place for the little boy with the big brown eyes that grabbed my heart and sole at the age of three!  Rest in Peace buddy.




Grandma Hall

You were supposed to be my pro shortstop and take me to your games so I could yell "Get me a hit "Pooter".  Love you, Grandma

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