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Just for Andrew
Debi Collins January 17, 2013
The time has come....
My dearest son,

The time has come to download these pages to a book that will remain forever with your family. What a tremendous source of motivation and therapy this site was to me for a very long time. I learned daily that our loss was by far, not the only loss in this crazy world. I met wonderful, kind and loving people who became dear friends. . Some had walked this painful journey before we did and they were such a tremendous support system. Others had just become bereaved parents and I did my best to console them. We, the survivors, became a family of sorts. I remember meeting one Mother who lost her daughter three years before you left us. I struggled with the fact that her pain was still so real and raw. Three years later, I realized that the pain changes, yet never goes away. Seven years later, I am much more at peace. My thought process is more clearly defined now and I can see things more realistically. I believe that knowing that your Daddy joined you on July 14th, 2011, has been my saving grace. Perhaps the pain of Gene's death, simply brought my emotions to an abrupt hault! He had been my rock and I believe that I was his as well. So, a new journey began for me and it has taken time, many prayers and a belief in our LORD to bring me to where I am today. 

 I'm not sure how to download all of these wonderful memories, precious condolences and the beautiful, heart felt words when a candle was lit, but soon, I will find the way. Thank you all who shared this journey with me and thank you for allowing me to be a part of yours as well.

Love you Andrew Gene Collins....RIP

Debbie Ruffin August 20, 2010



We never knew you, but I hear and feel your heart beat everyday. Your spirit lives through Greg and we honor your gift daily.


Greg, Calvin, Christina and I love you dearly.



May God continue to bless you and your family



Debi Collins March 1, 2008
To my bonus boy in Heaven

Hey buddy,

I should have posted this before now, and to Brett and his family, I apologize. Time has a way of getting us beyond one obstacle and on to another. I didn't intend to exclude this wonderful tribute from one of your best friends and next door neighbors.  Lord, the two of you could get into so many things, far too often.  But even now, when I see Brett, it seems odd that he's not walking across our front yard asking where you are or when you'll be home.

Anyway, as you know, Brett was playing  baseball in a championship league in Florida on the day of your funeral.  He actually came to the hospital to see you in the early hours of the morning following the accident and your surgery.  He was so torn buddy; he wanted to stay here and simply not play in the championship.  I spoke with his parents and we all agreed that you wouldn't want Brett to miss that opportunity, so they ventured on to play ball, where he should have were with him; I know that you were.  You would never have wanted anyone to miss out on an opportunity to play baseball.

Anyway, for Brett's 18 birthday in August 0f 2006, he asked his Mom for a tattoo.  When she brought me a picture of what he had done in your memory, I was overwhelmed.  Later, Brett himself came over and your Dad took pictures of the tattoo.  If you look closely, you'll see your initials..AGC on his back.  Andrew Gene Collins, you will forever be a part of Brett's life.  What an amazing act of kindess and were like a brother to Brett.

Just wanted to share this.........loving you with my heart, soul and everything in between my son.


Debi Collins March 1, 2008
Your other Mom

Well son, another week has come and gone without you. It literally seems impossible that you have been gone from this earth for two years, 7 months and 14 days!  Yesterday, I came across a wreck when I was traveling in another county.  I found myself somewhat frustrated as no one was moving at all.  It was obvious that the situation was intense and tragic based on the number of emergency response vehicles on the scene.  I guess sitting there alone in my car, brought memories back of the night that you were involved in an accident that eventually took you away from us.  I will never, ever forget seeing your car.  Both Kaitlyn and I just stared in disbelief as I turned around to take a different route to the hospital.  It just didn't seem possible that the mangled piece of what was once, your Eagle Talon, was ever an automobile.  I knew, my heart knew and I believe Kaitlyn also knew, that the situation that awaited us at the hospital, was not going to be good, it would instead, change our lives forever.

I'm going to add a picture of your car, the one that you were so proud of, not because it makes me feel better or worse...I just want to assure that anyone who views this heartbreaking scene, will spend that extra time with their teenager...tell them how a split decision can change lives, end lives and break hearts forever.  I know that has been the case with your family and friends.

Loving you always ball, keep smiling and be that "hugger" in Heaven that you were here on this this life.

(((((kisses and hugs to Heaven)))))


Debi Collins February 24, 2008
Andrew's Other Mom

Hey buddy,

Just wanted to check in to say I love ya and miss ya.  I'm making some changes on your memorial site but at this time, I'm not so sure that I'm doing such a great job.  I live and learn I suppose. 

Until we meet again, always loving you, eternally missing you and wishing that we had just one more day...just one more.

Love ya buddy,


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