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Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come. Rabindranath Tagore

Ok buddy, here it is, February of 2012. I don't know where to begin or what to say. You know what has transpired and I'm sure  of it. I know you were there in ICU that day when it became clear that your Daddy was brain dead and that I needed to let him fly high with his only son.  It still seems surreal, yet it's been over 7 months since your Daddy died. We had discussed the fact that on July 16th, six years would have passed since you left us. Gene and I discussed going out to visit and take something special for your head stone. We both grew quiet because it seemed to become more and more difficult to discuss as the years passed. I never dreamed, I never even saw it coming son, that your Daddy would pass away on July 14th and would be buried next to you on the 18th.  The moments after Gene died ,as well as the next five days, seem very distant to me now. People offered to help me with the arrangements...I refused. I did it all, alone and with only the belief that it would be the last thing that I could do for your Daddy. Now I wonder how I made it through those days. When I went to the Florist to order the spray for your Daddy's casket, I ordered a banner for your grave that said..."Welcome HOME Dad...I've missed you...Love, Andrew Gene." I FELT YOU THERE AND I'M SURE THAT YOUR SISTERS DID AS WELL. WE LOVE BOTH OF YOU AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH. May you and your Daddy you both, now and for always.

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Mom to Angel Chance

Andrew, we will all miss our little angels today and we give thanks for the time we had you all.  Send your mom and family hugs today.  Maybe you and Chance and all you're other new found angels will catch some football today from the best seat in the house.


Shelli - Mom to Angel Chance

Happy Mother's Day
Debi Collins

There are times that none of this seems real to me; at others, the painful facts become a reality. I have become accustomed to this new life, the one without your presence, but I have not learned to accept it completely. I know that one day, there will be a grand reunion buddy and just knowing that you are safe and healthy should be enough for me. But Andrew, some days it just hits me like a ton of bricks and I just can't imagine how we've managed to move forward two years, nine and a half months without you. When we opened the pool last week-end, I remembered how many times I had to yell at you to NOT dive off of the deck from the house.  Then came the day that you actually believed that you were going to dive from our ROOF!  Thank God Kaitlyn "tattled" before you broke you neck!  The summer days and memories of you, your sisters and the many, many children who enjoyed the pool have come and gone, but those memories are still here and it just seems odd that you're not.

Being a family and burying a child, is a tough thing to do Andrew. It's as if part of this pie is gone...just gone, never to come back.  It makes me feel anxious each time I hear an ambulance or a siren. I live in fear that something could possibly happen to Amy or Kaitlyn, and that is more than my heart can take.  It's also tough on them because they know that I will call them instantly, just to make sure that the ambulance is not for them!

I'm sending you my eternal love buddy as we move towards the third anniversery of your move to Heaven.  I pray that you will support all of those who love you and miss you and protect those who are in need.

Loving yu always son...............


St. Patrick's Day
Debi: your other Momma

Well Buddy,

It's been two years and 7 months today, since we said "see ya later." Where has the time gone son and how is it that we have survived without all of the "excitement" that you brought into our lives?  You amazed me Andrew, the manner in which your heart spoke mountains about who you were internally and the way that you befriended virtually everyone that you met, but you also had that little "temper thing" going on. It's still here son, but it surfaces in the face of your beautiful little sister.  She's a doll, but when she blows, it's her brother's temper!

We all miss you Andrew; not one day passes that we don't think of you or hear a song that literally brings you back to us via the words, but most importantly, you are always a part of who we are.  There is something to be said for the phrase: "Gone, but not forgotton."  Actually, you are gone from sight, but never too far away to recreate a memory or laugh about something you said or did.

I was so blessed that God saw that having a biological son was not in the cards for me, yet he so blessed me with beautiful, healthy daughters.  You were my heart from the minute I met you...tiny little fellow with chubby hands! (who loved fried chicken, cucmbers,  tomatoes, apples and spaghetti (with NO meat!!)..go figure!!

I will visit you today just to reflect on the memories.  I know it's simply a place to go and sit silently at times and I believe that as we all stand at your grave, we know that you are looking down upon us asking us not to cry anymore.  That would be you my son...that would be you.

I love you with every ounce of my heart and sole..........

Loving and missing you always son.

Fly high and play ball in Heaven today my bonus boy and never, ever forget how much we love you.

Until the day we meet again.............hugs, kisses and prayers that you will continue to keep us strong.


I love you son..............Deb

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Debbie/Joseph DeMatthews Mom Sweet Angel Andrew & Family, you are in my prayers March 1, 2012
Cathy Giraud May your Memorial Day be Blessed May 29, 2011

~May your Memorial Day be Blessed and Safe~
Cathy Giraud FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS April 23, 2011



Thinking of you Angel Andrew Gene on your Birthday in Heaven and wishing you a Happy Birthday with God.



                    JANUARY 26, 1987

May God always comfort you with everlasting life, love, peace, joy, and glory along your heavenly journey. Amen.




I pray you are celebrating your Birthday with all our Angels in Heaven. Please give a big hug to my precious son Patrick.



Peace and love, LostMom to Patrick Barbosa

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lil sis Kaitlyn: now a Jr. in HS Playing with Sammy Andrew and proud Daddy Andrew at The Red Lobster on Grandparent's Day Sammy, Andrew and Jennifer Andrew #29 the remains of Andrew's car Andrew in May 2005 Park with big sister Amy Amy with her first car, also a Talon: 1997 Kaitlyn, Amy and Mom (me) Baby sis Kaitlyn at the prom with Cameron Andrew at Holden Beach Andrew and Dad 1987